TPE Compounds

Hundreds of formulations designed for applications from baby products to underground pipe seals.

  • SEBS-type
  • Easy to process on conventional equipment
  • Capability to recycle, reprocess
  • Good chemical resistance: water, alcohol, alkali, acid
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation, ozone, UV light
  • Service temperature -50C to 130C
  • Ability to co-bond (mold, extrude) with rigid plastics PP, PE
  • Can be formulated for food contact, medical applications. FR versions available.
  • Wide range of hardness 10 – 95 Shore A
  • PVC free, Halogen free, Plasticizer free

Fluid Resistance
All grades resistant to water, alcohol, acids, alkalis
Hot oil / fuel resistance for 80A+ grades – test data available

Processing Guidelines
Guidelines and troubleshooting guides are available for molding and extrusion. Advice on bonding, painting, printing and welding are available

Compounds designed for applications such as medical devices, dental applications, children’s toys, and food / beverage contact
While fitness-for-use is the responsibility of each customer or user, we can help choose the materials most appropriately formulated for the intended application(s). Contact us to start the selection process!

Soft Grip TPE products